The start of a new year is a great time to reassess your financial health and implement habits that help positively impact your credit profile.

Monitoring your credit report and identity is the best place to start your financial resolutions since it can have a ripple effect in other aspects of your life as the year goes on. This is especially true if you’ve got a big move coming up — and want to qualify for a lease or mortgage — or even if you simply want to open a cash-back credit card to earn extra money on your spending.

Here are two things you can easily incorporate into your financial routine that can help your credit health.

1. Monitor Your Credit

Monitoring your credit is essential if you are looking to work toward your credit goals. You can easily track your credit scores, check your credit report and stay alert to potential fraud on your account. Some credit monitoring services can offer credit score trackers and simulators that help you stay on track.

Also, keep an eye out for any inaccuracies. Incorrect information on your credit reports can drag your scores down.

2. Protect Your Identity

A credit and identity monitoring service can alert you when there is suspicious activity to your credit report. Actions such as someone else opening a line of credit in your name can negatively affect your credit score.

Along with suspicious activity alerts, credit and identity monitoring can alert you when someone uses your Social Security number, files for a change of address and even if a crime is committed in your name. Some credit and identity theft monitoring services also offer identity theft insurance and restoration assistance if you’ve become an identity theft victim.

Start the New Year off right and start protecting your credit and identity.

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